SMDC to Provide Matching Funds for Eagles Manor to Complete Architectural Report

SMDC will provide up to $41,300 from its Brownfields Assessment Grant Program to match the Montana Department of Commerce's $35,000 Community Development Block Grant awarded to the City of Lewistown and Eagles Manor to complete critical planning activities.

Through its Qualified Environmental Professional WWC Engineering, SMDC will fund Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments of Eagles Manor prior to the planned site renovations. The Montana Department of Commerce's funds will be used to complete a Capital Needs Assessment and Preliminary Architectural Report. The CNA (also known as a Physical Needs Assessment) is a HUD-required property inspection report that estimates the future costs of property maintenance and determines the cost to repair any part of the property that must be urgently repaired.  The Preliminary Architectural Report will provide general design requirements for the renovations, alternatives, environmental considerations, cost summaries and recommendations.