SMDC Awarded Funds to Continue Serving as a State-Certified Regional Development Corporation

Once again, the Montana Department of Commerce has awarded Snowy Mountain Development Corporation funds to continue its role as the State-sanctioned Certified Regional Development Corporation (CRDC) for the six-county Snowy Mountain Region. The CRDC program supports a regional approach to economic development that facilitates efficient delivery of economic development programs. The program provides annual funding for economic development services including personnel and operating expenses. CRDCs are responsible to:

Identify the priority needs of local communities and facilitate local strategic planning to develop local economies;

Foster collaboration and bring elected officials, business leaders and stakeholders together to prepare and implement regional development strategies;

Establish and maintain wide-based support from each county and community, including local development organizations, and help local officials, communities and businesses assess, plan and facilitate action within their regions;

Leverage financial resources from a variety of sectors that include government (federal, state, county and local), the private sector, philanthropic community and academia to expand their region’s economy.