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Providing a suite of professional services and tailored solutions for your development-related challenges and opportunities.


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Snowy Mountain Development Corporation is the first and only economic development agency in the United States designated by US HUD as an EnVision Center.
US HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson's EnVision Center demonstration initiative is founded on the idea that every community provide ample access to services and opportunities to develop self-sufficiency from four fundamental pillars:  economic empowerment; educational advancement; health and wellness; and character and leadership.  Toward this end, Secretary Carson selects organizations throughout the Nation in which to house these services or provide information and referral to these services within the local community.
Through Secretary Carson's initiative, we provide a centralized hub of resources and support to help you excel. 
Together with our Federal Partners, we provide leadership and resources to support Economic Empowerment by:
  • Improving workforce housing;
  • Cleaning up contaminated properties and redeveloping them to better serve our communities;
  • Encouraging economic stability, growth and diversification through technical expertise;
  • Providing financial literacy and credit-building opportunities;
  • Providing access to capital; and
  • Creating and retaining high-paying jobs.
We provide leadership and resources to support Educational Advancement by:
  • Offering leadership training;
  • Providing and developing customized educational programs to respond to local needs; and
  • Providing HUD-Certified Homebuyer and Budgeting educational opportunities.
We provide leadership and resources to support Health and Wellness by:
  • Improving water, sewer and transportation infrastructure;
  • Supporting Quality of Life services;
  • Providing desirable recreational opportunities; and
  • Improving basic health, safety and educational infrastructure and services.
We provide leadership and resources to support Character and Leadership by:
  • Preserving historic, geographic and cultural treasures;
  • Providing leadership training for public servants new to public service;
  • Providing leadership development for women who lead; and
  • Improving communications to accomplish common goals.
This is made possible in collaboration with our Federal partners:
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By Thinking Big we can transform our world.
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"How should I market my business?"

"Is there a market for my product?"

"Is my plan feasible?"

"How do I get a business license?"

"Can I get a loan to start my business?"

"What kind of insurance do I need?"

"When will I break even?"

"How much money do I need to start my business?"

"Should I buy, build or rent a building for my business?"

"How do I meet the bank's requirement for business credit (capital, collateral, capacity and character)?"




"How do I identify government agencies' buying trends?"

"Where can meet contracting officers?"

"How do government agencies purchase my products and services?"

"Where do I find bid opportunities?"

"What is a DUNS number and why do I need one?"

"What is SAM?"

"What is a Capability Statement?"

We provide the technical expertise, tools and resources
you need to start or expand your business.
We can help you with your:
  • Business Plan
  • Business Structure

  • Finances

  • Marketing and Other Business Strategies

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Accounting Assistance

  • Licenses and Permits

  • Contractor Registration

  • Business Resources   

  • Loan Programs

  • Planning Grants  

  • Incumbent Worker Training Grants  

  • Business Expansion Grants 

  • Small Business Workshops

  • Individual Training Sessions

  • Site Visits

  • Real Estate Broker Outreach

  • Site Selection Assistance

SMDC hosts a satellite Procurement Technical Assistance Center through which we provide free, timely advice on how to sell your products and services to the government. We can help you:
  • Determine your suitability for government contracting

  • Secure necessary registrations

  • Identify bid opportunities

  • Find subcontracting opportunities

  • Certify as a veteran-owned business

  • Apply for  8(a), HUBZone, WOSB and other small business certifications

  • Respond to bid proposals

  • Research procurement histories

  • Review contract Terms & Conditions

  • Understand government contract performance requirements

  • Network and business development

  • Submit invoices and other post-award support

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Abating properties for redevelopment.

  • Business Plan

  • Business Structure/Legal Entity Determination

  • Finances

  • Marketing and Other Business Strategies

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Accounting Assistance

  • Licenses and Permits

  • Contractor Registration

  • Business Resources   

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"How can I abate my property taxes?"

"What are Opportunity Zones?"

"Are there any tax incentives to build workforce housing?"

"Does our project qualify for New Markets Tax Credits?"

"Are there any monies available to help private property owners clean up contaminated properties?"

"How do Historic Tax Credits work?"

"Is a TIF district right for our community?"

"Which grants help rural communities?"

"How can we secure community support for our project?"

"How can we pay for water and sewer upgrades?"

"How can we get a grant to update our Growth Policy?"

"How can we take advantage of the Montana Main Street Program?"

"Is there any state money for trails systems?"

"Are there any monies available to help clean up a contaminated property that has been abandoned by the property owner?"

"Can we use developer impact fees for streetscape improvements?"

"We can't make our project cash flow. Now what?"

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Community Development

We provide technical assistance for local

government entities and non-profit organizations

to help them build stronger, more resilient rural

communities. We promote transparency,

accountability and citizen engagement. We can help you

understand, develop and implement:

  • Special Districts and Tax Free Zones

  • Urban Renewal Plans

  • Comprehensive Development Plans

  • Feasibility and Market Studies

  • Growth Policies

  • Capital Improvement Plans

  • Concept Development Plans 

  • Public Private Partnerships

  • Coalition and Capacity Building

  • Investment Cooperatives

  • Community Engagement and Mobilization

  • Neighborhood Task Forces

Economic Development


We help communities create and retain good paying jobs, encourage entrepreneurship, attract new business, expand and diversify the local and regional tax base and improve the overall business climate. We promote open, free competition, innovation, productivity and efficiency.  We can help you understand and access:

  • Tax Credits, Abatements and Deferrals

  • Infrastructure Investments

  • Fee Waivers

  • Labor Incentives and Training Grants

  • Low- and No-Interest Loans

  • Utility Discounts and Rebates

Fund Development
We help communities and developers identify and layer multiple funding mechanisms to support key community, economic, and real estate development projects.  We promote fiscal stewardship, public-private partnerships, and responsible investments. We can help you understand and apply for:
  • Federal, State and Local Grant Programs

  • Foundation Grants

  • Tax Increment Finance Revenue

  • Housing Tax Credits

  • New Markets Tax Credits

  • EB-5 Equity

  • Gap Financing

  • Opportunity Zone Funds


We help local governments and private property owners

access funding to assess and clean up contaminated

properties to ready them for redevelopment.

We promote optimum land use,

maximum productivity and smart growth.

We can help you access:

US EPA Brownfields Revolving Loan Funds

Phase I and Phase II US EPA Assessment Grant Funds

US EPA Targeted Brownfields Assessments (EPA TBA)

MT DEQ Targeted Brownfields Assessments (DEQ TBA)

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"How do I negotiate public and private interests in public service?"

"The bank has approved us for a $300,000 mortgage. Can we afford that?"

"Can you help me identify my competitors?"

"How do I price my product?"

"Can you train my board on how to manage a TIF district?"

We provide leadership training for public servants who are new to public service.
  • Leadership Central Montana
We provide leadership development for women who lead.
  • Women Lead Central Montana
We provide business training workshops for entrepreneurs and small business owners on the many aspects of small business ownership.
  • In 2019, SMDC staff launched its first free, six-part training series for small business owners. Topics covered included pricing strategies, business planning, marketing, government contracting, market and industry analysis and when to engage your BAIL team (banker, accountant, insurance agent and lawyer).  
We provide custom train-the-trainer programs.
We collaborate with industry leaders to support workforce development programs such as the Accelerate Montana Rapid Training Program.  Please visit to learn more about it. 
  • Funding for Rapid Training Programs is available.  Contact Dani by email at: to learn how to apply for it.
As a HUD Certified Counseling Agency, SMDC provides educational seminars for first-time homebuyers to ready them for the responsibilities of homeownership. Class topics include:
  • Determining what you can afford​​
  • Distinguishing between different kinds of loans
  • Closing your loan--how much it will cost
  • Working with a real estate professional
  • Understanding home inspections and appraisals
  • Evaluating the pros and cons of homeownership
  • Discovering the impact of your credit score and learning how to improve it
  • Identifying special financing programs

Classes are eight hours and open to the public. They are offered every other month and run Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday nights from 5:30 - 8:30 pm. Dinners are provided. The in-person class costs $50/household for registration. All online sessions require a one-hour follow-up counseling session and cost $75/household (with coupon code).  


Call 406-535-2591 to sign up! Registration fees are non-refundable.

Each person who successfully completes the entire course is provided with a certificate that is required for down payment assistance and other lending programs for first-time homebuyers.

2022 Schedule:

  • November 14-16

2023 Schedule:

  • January 9-11

  • March 13-15

  • May 15 -17 

  • Jul 10 - 12

  • Sept 11-13

  • Nov 13 - 15



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To practice the art of

economic development well...

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